Trusted for on-demand legal support.

A message from

Catherine Massey,

Founder + CEO.

Since our founding in 2001, our mission has not changed: to deliver on-demand legal support services that replicate the caliber of in-house legal staff – in a way that’s scalable and offers a significant cost advantage.

We’re pleased to have cultivated strong client relationships over the last 20+ years, having deployed our talented U.S.-based staff on over 3 million jobs with LawDocXpress.

Delighting clients is our top priority. We’re committed to 99% on-time delivery and 98% accuracy as we work side-by-side with your teams. If you’re not yet a client, please call us to learn more. We’d love to welcome you to the LawDocs family.

Always on-call: email, text and phone.

LawDocsXpress provides on-demand, legal secretarial, word processing, and paralegal support to law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies.

  • We are the only service provider in the legal industry that replicates the caliber of in-house legal assistant/word processing/ and certain paralegal support in a highly, cost-effective way – all at a moment’s notice. 
  • We’ve operated our on-demand service virtually since the company’s founding in October 2001.
  • Our team is comprised of U.S.-based, experienced legal personnel, most of whom have 10 or more years in a law firm or corporate legal department and are highly proficient in relevant legal software applications.
  • At a minimum, our staff is required to have a three years-experience in a law firm or legal department and know a variety of administrative and legal software applications.

What you need. When you need it.

LawDocs’ paralegal and administrative support covers a range of legal practice areas.

Clients in countries around the world choose to work with us in a variety of ways. Many take advantage of several services on an ongoing basis. Others reach out when pressure is on to manage overflow work or to handle after hours/weekend demands. LawDocs is built to scale up and down with short notice. Our clients are delighted to pay only for the time we work, making the service exceptionally cost-effective. 

We’re frequently called on to handle:

  • Pleadings, motions, briefs, response shells, tables of authorities and tables of contents
  • Documents for state, appellate, and federal courts
  • Patent and trademark prosecution
  • Contracts of all types
  • Correct corrupted documents or redline documents
  • Transcribe voice files
  • Transcribe verbatims from meetings, witness interviews, and inventor disclosure meetings

LawDocs specializes in these areas of law:

  • Litigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Medical Legal Malpractice
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Labor and Employment
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate and Financial Law

Secure and compliant.

LawDocs operations run on a proprietary workflow management system that is housed within Amazon Web Services. The system requires a 2-factor authentication to ensure confidentiality. In addition, client documents are stored in a secure manner and only those providers approved to work for a client have access to that client’s documents., We are fully HIPPA compliant and regularly handle medical-legal matters.  

Delighted clients.

We have nurtured long-term relationships with many clients who have been loyal to LawDocs for over 10 years. 

  • Our clients range from solo and small law practices to very large practices. In addition, a number of corporate legal departments take advantage of LawDocs. Government agencies also avail themselves of our on-demand legal support.
  • Many new clients find us through referrals from existing clients and most will provide a reference for our capabilities and how we work, if requested.

“We’ve counted on LawDocs to handle our overflow work and help us meet court deadlines for over 10 years. There’s no turning back.”

Hiring Director, AmLaw 200 Firm

“At a moment’s notice LawDocs stands up a skilled and dedicated team to tackle our word processing, filing, and litigation needs. Hassle-free and cost-efficient.”

Head of Legal Services, Corporate Legal Department

Led by industry insiders.

LawDocsXpress was founded in October 2001 by veteran legal, HR and management exec, Catherine Massey.

Cathey’s vision in 1996 when she first wrote the business plan was akin to Uber. To provide on-demand legal assistant services with exceptional turnaround and an undisputed high quality work product. At that time, she envisioned performance metrics for every job the company does and validation for each of them, a concept only LawDocs brings to the legal industry.

Cathey is an experienced CEO with deep history in the legal services industry. She brings to LawDocs skills in staffing, workforce management and business development, management of the Gig economy, negotiation, litigation support, corporate transactions, and intellectual property. Cathey earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/History from Duke University and a master’s degree from the Andrew Young School of Public Policy at Georgia State University.