IP Services

Since its inception, LawDocsXpress has been providing work for intellectual property (IP) law firms.  As early adopters of technology, IP attorneys immediately grasped how LawDocsXpress added value by providing experienced IP support staff at cost effective prices.

LawDocs builds teams of virtual IP professionals able to address your needs on demand.  Even in today’s labor market, it is difficult to find truly talented IP support staff.  Drawing from a national labor pool gives LawDocs a unique ability to meet your needs on a consistent basis.  Services include: 

  • Transcription of inventor interviews/disclosure meetings
  • Preparation of Information Disclosure Statements
  • Preparation of Amendments (entry into PAIR)
  • Transcription of patent applications
  • Data entry into and report production from third-party systems (e.g. Anaqua)
  • Patent and trademark docketing into third-party systems (e.g. CPI, Foundation IP)
  • Creation of Visio drawings
  • Creation of scientific equations using Equation Editor
  • Proofing of issued patents including preparation of Certificates of Correction
  • Preparation of utility application and National Phase filings
  • Classification and routing of incoming fax and email from foreign associates
  • Preparation and transmittal of routine client correspondence relating to patent and trademark matters